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Our mapping platform offers the best power-to-endurance ratio of any VTOL drone on the market. Seamlessly combine scanning, inspection or mapping sensors and software with our easy-to-use flight-controller interface for access to real-time data. Investigate a crash site, scan for minerals, map far-flung locations – no mission is out of reach with BFD Systems’ mapping platform.

BFD Systems’ SE8 UAV was engineered to exceed the demands of the most discerning clients. The SE8 is an eight-rotor beast with built-in power and propulsion redundancies that outlasts and overpowers the competition. Every SE8 comes equipped with a full suite of sensors for real-time updates on aircraft health. American made.




Mobile cellphone towers, emergency response, broadcast TV – BFD Systems’ high-powered tether solution is for when your drone can’t come down. Paired with BFD’s SE8 UAV platform, our tethered UAS solution is the industry benchmark.

Our high-voltage tether supplies electricity and data directly to the UAV, enabling 6kw of power and 20gb of data up and down the tether for as long as your mission requires. Offering a payload capacity up to ten times the industry average – 25lbs compared to the industry standard of 2-5lbs – our tethered solution comes with automatic battery management, constantly recharging the UAVs on-board batteries for redundancy in the event of local power-grid failure.




BFD Systems’ S8 UAV outperforms every drone on the market in payload capacity and flight time. The S8 can carry up to 25lbs while remaining under 55lbs in total weight – the legal limit for operating UAS in the United States. BFD Systems is the preferred UAV provider of tier 1 aerial and photography companies all over the world

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The engineering and technical teams at BFD Systems have been building bespoke UAV for a combined 20 years. We work alongside customers to design solutions that are as unique as their mission. Our custom solutions range from modifying existing product platforms to engineering a unique UAV from the ground up. Get in touch to learn more.



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