SE8 block 3

SE8 block 3

SE-8 Heavy Lift Endurance Platform - Mapping and Scanning Solution

The SE8 is our flagship model. It has an incredible power to weight ratio which means you can fly more payload and more batteries than ever before. Weighing in at 7kg empty, the SE8 can fly 12 kg of payload and still remain under 25kg. Or alternatively, you can fly 15lbs of payload and still be able to fly 44ah of battery capacity for long endurance missions.


  • Size Motor to Motor: 1300mm (measured from center of motor)

  • Flight Controller: Cube or DJI (other available upon request)

  • Maximum Payload: 12.25kg (27lbs)

  • Aircraft Weight: 7kg-8kg (15.4lbs-17.6lbs)

  • Maximum flight duration: 50+ minutes

Additional Information:

  • Propulsion Systems: Developed exclusively for BFD Systems this tuned propulsion system offers maximum efficiency and power.  FOC ESCs are quieter, more responsive and offer the longest flight times with heavy payloads. The weather-sealed motor mount keeps sand, dirt, and water out of your critical components.


  • Field Oriented Control Electronic Speed Controllers. Lower noise and temperature outputs, as well as faster response and higher efficiency

  • Custom silver wiring for faster current flow reduced energy losses and heat

  • Curved magnets for optimized efficiency and reduced weight   

  • Centrifugal air cooling system for better heat dissipation

  • Coaxial motor configuration decreases aircraft dimensions while maintaining complete system redundancy. The SE8 is able to utilize an efficient propeller size and have increased wind handling. 8 powerful motors offers the best trade off between efficiency and redundancy.

  • Flight Computer Agnostic: Select your flight controller, telemetry modem, off-board computer and more to make sure the aircraft is perfectly configured for your mission.  Standard offerings include the Cube flight controller, or DJI, additional options include Micro Pilot, Piccolo, more options available upon request.

  • Payload Mounting: 12mm rails, damper plate, top or bottom payload mount

  • Power Systems: 50v Lithium Polymer or Lithium Ion depending on mission requirements.

  • Additional Sensors: Laser Altimeter, Current/ Voltage Sensors/ Long Range Telemetry Modems

Additional Options:

  • 2x Payload power 12vdc-28vdc

  • Hot-swap payload/ FC power

  • CANBUS/ Serial/ I2C I/O ports

  • Parachute

  • Standard Offering includes the following items:

    • Flight Computer: Cube

    • Laser Altimeter, RFD900x modem

    • LED Strobe lights for FAA night waiver compliance

    • Hotswap Payload power

    • Horus X10S Remote with 2.4ghz RX. (900mhz available upon request)

    • -Travel Case

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