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GD-40x - BFD Systems Edition

GD-40x - BFD Systems Edition

GD-40x - BFD Systems Edition


If power and performance is what you require the GD-40X is the platform you need. With a useful load of 25kg this bird has no equal. When our clients need to fly the biggest cinema cameras or other high value payloads they turn to the GD-40X because of its proven record on the biggest Hollywood blockbuster films and thousands of logged hours. Measuring 1400mm from arm to arm the aircraft has an impressive size while in the air but thanks to its modular arms can be packed down into two included custom cases. Being fast, maneuverable and powerful makes the GD-40X extremely valuable platform. Both the GD-40X and GD-28X run on 48v systems and share compatible electronics and 50mm arms which allows the users to interchange arm propulsion systems depending on mission requirements, going from power lifter to endurance runner in minutes. All aircraft are tested for best performance before shipping.

BFD Systems versions come with adjustable 12mm payload rail mount to match popular standards set by the DJI s1000 or DJI M600 rail spacing. All aircraft are tested for best performance before shipping. 

What's different about the GD-40x when you buy it from BFD Systems? All our systems are built in house in our US facility. We stock spare parts, offer repairs and have boat loads of experience with these aircraft in many applications. Our systems also come with some of our very own in house engineering improvements available only at BFD Systems. Buying the "same" aircraft from other vendors will not be the same aircraft you buy from BFD Systems. Build quality, support and flight stats are not comparable. Because all aircraft are built to order, and then tested before shipment, please allow 4-6 weeks average lead time. 

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These stats are from real life, in the field, boots on the ground, testing.

Stats may vary depending on options
Aircraft Dry Weight  12kg (26lbs)

Max Take Off Weight

(while maintaining motor redundancy) 

40kg (88lbs)
Useful Load 28kg (61lbs)
Payload with 4x 22Ah batteries  22kg (48lbs)
Average flight time with full payload 22Ah batteries at Sea Level landing with 25% capacity of battery  10-15 minutes.