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Outsource your aircraft R&D to us so you can focus on running your operations. 

At BFD Systems, we specialize in custom aircraft. We strongly believe that successful UAS operations rely on crew, work flow, and equipment. With a custom build, we can deliver a hand crafted unique solution that will  meet your company’s unique needs and  completely set you apart from your  competition. Whether you need one system or an entire fleet, we've got you covered.

Custom setups range from simple hardware installation, to critical infrastructure monitoring/ agricultural sprayer units, and cinematography.


  • Built frame with power management ready for your own flight controller

  • Custom payload integration

  • Complete ready to fly turn key solution

  • Fleet with integrated fleet management system

How it works?

Step 1.

Send us an email telling us a bit about what your requirements are or what you’d like to do with your system. Minimum system requirements or restrictions is a good place to start. Email Info@bfdsystems.com the following information.

  • Are there any restrictions such as all up weight, size or flight controller?

  • How much do you need to lift?

  • How long do you need to fly?

  • Are there any components you need to use/integrate?

Step 2.

After getting your mission requirements we match your needs to the best combination of airframe, propulsion system, flight controller and batteries. Once we’ve designed your aircraft we can give you a spec sheet and an estimate.

Step 3. 

After receiving a deposit we can commence the building process. The building process involves testing the individual components on the bench, as well as test flying, once all components are assembled. This is a truly understated task that saves the end user countless hours of R&D.

Step 4

After testing is complete we deliver your new systems and offer support to make sure you’re able to stay airborne.


For more info about pricing and how to order a custom setup please email Info@BFDSystems.com. Ask about remote fleet monitoring and maintenance programs. 


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