No one can do it alone. At BFD Systems we strive for collaboration, we believe that a collection of great minds from different areas of expertise can yield the best results.  Here are some of our partners. If you would like to see your company name on this list reach out and drop us a line. Info@bfdsystems.com 

Gryphon Dynamics: South Korea
Highest quality carbon fiber airframes available. We use Gryphon as the backbone of our aircraft.  
Expressway Cinema: Philadelphia PA
Expressway Cinema are great friends and help tremendously with our cinema testing. They supply countless cameras, lenses and other toys for us to put on our systems to fly and test. We're also neighbors which helps promote creativity and collaboration. 
Alogus Innovations: Boston MA.                                                                              
Alogus Innovations provides additional engineering and design support. They help with design and manufacturing additional components that may not available anywhere else on the market.