Oue aircraft are designed with the electronics and wiring needs in mind.

The frames will accept a variety of different types of flight controllers, ESCs and motors depending on your payload requirements. Our power distribution and dual BEC boards keep wiring organized and clean. Having a clean setup makes maintaining your aircraft through visual inspections more effective and therefore helps increase your performance and safety. The dual BEC is adjustable for supplying power to accessories such as LEDs, retractable landing legs, sensor packages, video transmitters and is adaptable for any number of mission requirements. Adjusting the two independent voltage settings is quick and easy. Core PCB’s live in the arms to allow for quick assembly and disassembly of the airframes for transport. The power distribution board (PDB) will handle 600 amps, and if more power is needed, it can be used with a multiple PDB to spread the load evenly from batteries to motors and electronics. The integrated electrical design makes swapping components out quick and does not require a full tear down of the airframe.