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BFD Systems was started out of necessity. After years of working for a variety of companies, both in the manufacturing world and operating world, we noticed there was a major gap in the market. If you want a light duty multirotor, there are plenty of options. If you want a heavy lift system that will do one thing and has a 6 digit price tag, there are a handful of options. But if you want a versatile platform that can be customized to your business's unique needs with American craftsmanship at a competitive price, you may be scratching your head looking for options.


BFD Systems works with our clients to take the aircraft R&D and payload integration off their hands so they can focus on developing their sensor, their payload delivery, their flight computer, or whatever else it is they need to put in the sky. 



Maxwell Tubman: President After co-founding Steam Machine Aerial in 2010, Mr. Tubman went on to be the Director of North American Operations and head US pilot for XM2 Aerial in Australia (2015), test pilot at General Electric, contract pilot for a number of industrial firms, and a consultant for aircraft design and manufacturing companies. Most recently, he held the role of Director of North American Operations for Gryphon Dynamics (2017). Mr. Tubman saw an opportunity to launch a custom UAS shop after noticing the vacancy in the market for high grade heavy weight systems.  

Evan Panek: CTO is the team's engineering and additional technical support member. Mr. Panek joined forces with Mr. Tubman in 2014 to help with piloting and hardware development. Mr. Panek is able to fabricate custom parts to meet the special needs of our clients. His role at BFD is Lead Builder and Fabricator. When in the field, Mr. Panek is a one-man pit crew and copilot. His years of flying remote aircraft, coupled with his passion for welding/ solder/ and making all manner of creations, has made him an essential part of the team. 

Brian Walk: VP of Sales Brian Walk is an Airline Transport Rated Pilot with thousands of hours of flying experience operating in every corner of the globe. Brian is a UAS consultant who uses his commitment to safety and operational experience to ensure clients have successful inspections, and project conclusions.