Dual Fiber Optic lines for data and 5kw of sustained power.

A high powered, tethered UAV system solves the problems of flight time and data delivery by providing:

  • Unlimited power source for multi day mission lengths

  • Ultra-high-speed data transfer rates for payload and aircraft connectivity

The main differences between our tether solution and others is the amount of power, payload and real time telemetry available to the user. The tether gives users the ability to carry large payloads on powerful UAVs and keep them in the air for extended, multi-hour or multi-day missions. Our tethered UAV and its payload of cameras, sensors, telecom equipment, etc., can securely feed data to analytical, situational awareness or communications systems at gigabit/second speeds. The aircraft can be flown by wire making it impervious to data theft or command and control hacking.

As with all our aircraft our tethered systems are completely customizable. We start with our base model SE8-T and tether unit and can add additional hardware and integrate payloads as needed.



  • Dimensions: 45” L x 30.75” W X 30” H

  • Tether Length: 137m (450’)

  • Converter Weight: 2.95kg (6.5lbs)

  • Main power output: 5kw Sustained

  • Data options: Fiber and gigabit ethernet 

  • Full suite of power generation and management telemetry


  • Size Motor to Motor: 1300mm

  • Flight Controller: Cube or DJI (other available upon request)

  • Maximum Payload: 9.53kg (21lbs)

  • Aircraft Weight: 7kg-8kg (15.4lbs-17.6lbs)

  • Additional Options

    • ADS-B

    • Parachute

The systems is comprised of 4 main components.

  • When you think of the tether system we are talking about more than just the tether wire itself. To the right you’ll see a diagram of the various components that together make a complete system. The high voltage, high powered tether system works by taking 240v AC power from a generator, converting that to high voltage DC to send up to the drone, and then stepping the voltage down to a voltage the UAV can use. The tether is stored in the ground power station. This ground power station also has all the interfaces for fiber optic cable or RJ45, additional I/O such as HDMI or SDI available upon request.

  • If you have a specific mission type that falls outside of what our system is spec’d for drop us a line to discuss custom options.


High power, high data bandwidth tether for long endurance missions.

High power, high data bandwidth tether for long endurance missions.

Ground Power Station

Ground Power Station