H2-6 [HYDROGEN FUEL CELL] - Long endurance vtol

BFD Systems is proud to introduce our liquid cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell collaboration with Ballard Unmanned Systems. Commercial UAV operators struggle with limited mission duration, range, reliability, and noise. Ballard Unmanned Systems has teamed with BFD Systems to deliver the H2-6, a hex-rotor VTOL with 90-minute flight duration on a single hydrogen refill. After a flight, swap tanks and be airborne again in minutes. Versatile gimbal and payload capabilities make the H2-6 a flexible and capable platform for a variety of commercial missions. Due to its quiet operation and extended flight time the H2-6 is ideal for security, search and rescue, border patrol, anti-poaching efforts, agricultural surveying and more. H2-6 prototypes are now in field trials for multiple commercial applications. For more information or to request a trial in your environment please use the “request a quote” button below.


H2-6 prototype specifications – final product specifications subject to change

  • Diameter: 1620mm

  • Flight Controller: Blue Cube (Made in USA)

  • Maximum Payload: 2kg

  • Aircraft weight: 12kg

  • Maximum Flight Duration: 90+ minutes


BFD H2-6 In Flight - Rain.jpg

Key Facts About Hydrogen Powered UAVs

Hydrogen fuel cell UAVs typically include a combination of compressed hydrogen gas in a certified safe storage tank and batteries for peak power needs. Important features of hydrogen-powered UAVs include:

  • Hydrogen is a safe and readily-available energy source

  • Refilling is quick and easy – typically taking less than 5 minutes

  • Lightweight, safe, and simple refueling and storage technologies developed for the automotive industry can be leveraged directly for UAVs

  • Reduced noise, compared to internal combustion engines, results in lower acceptable flight altitudes and increased sensor fidelity

  • Fuel cells operate more efficiently at high altitudes than internal combustion engines, enabling effective use in mountainous regions

  • Fuel cells produce no emissions and reduce or eliminate lithium battery disposal challenges and costs

Benefits of hydrogen fuel cell power systems:

  • Extend mission time and distance (3x typical) due to superior energy density

  • Enable beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) missions for dramatic operational expense reduction

  • Provide clean, quiet and reliable operation

  • Reduce lithium battery charging and transport obstacles

BFD H2-6 Launch Prep.jpg