FCair™  UAV Power Systems - H2 FUEL CELL

BFD Systems is proud to offer the FCAir™ fuel cell system from Ballard Unmanned Systems. The same power system that is used in our H2-6 drone is now available for custom integration on UAVs or other power systems. This is a complete turnkey solution for providing 600 - 1200 watts of power from clean, readily available Hydrogen gas. The only byproduct of the electrical generation is H20.

Commercial UAV operators struggle with limited mission duration, range, reliability, and noise. They are frustrated managing, charging, and transporting batteries; and by the cost of maintaining small engines. FCair™  Fuel Cell Power Systems provide up to 3 times more run-time than the best batteries and 5 times the reliability of small engines - and they run on clean hydrogen gas. All of this means you get:

  • Faster refueling for less downtime

  • No battery or cable jumble

  • Better cold weather endurance

  • Better high altitude performance

  • Quiet operation

600 Watt System

600 Watt System

1200 Watt System

1200 Watt System

Key benefits of working with BFD Systems and Ballard Unmanned:

  • You receive a complete system: 600 or 1200 watt hydrogen fuel cell, control electronics, heat exchanger, and integrated battery power hybridization.

  • Our liquid-cooled system delivers reliable operation in hot or cold weather, and at high altitudes and low humidity.

  • Reduce your risk and get off the ground quicker with our integration support and unmatched experience with UAV platforms and systems.

  • Our team's decade-long defense heritage and experience brings proven and reliable military-grade technology to commercial applications.


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