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GD-40 w/ Gryphon Dynamics Prototype Props

GD-40 w/ Gryphon Dynamics Prototype Props

This is our test aircraft that we use to test new equipment and make our own modifications. This bird has been through a lot so you don't have to. Most recently we tested some new gear from Gryphon Dynamics. 

We are excited to share with you the new Gryphon Dynamics Propellers. These are prototype propellers but will be released sometime at the end of 2017. We tested the 26” versions on U11 120KV motors. There are a few things that stand out with these props. The first thing is their clean finish and beautiful carbon weave. They have a matte finish and are extremely tough and scratch resistant. Unlike the popular gloss finish props which can be susceptible to delamination and nicks, these props have stood up to travel, flying, bench testing and over a year of going to trade shows – and they’re still in really good shape.

The next thing you'll notice are the down-swept edges. This is done to reduce tip vortices. Tip vortices are areas of turbulent air that form at the end of prop. There is an area of low pressure on the top of the blade, and high pressure underneath the blade (this is, of course, what causes lift). When those two pressures meet at the end of the blade they create a swirling vortex, which causes waste drag, heat, and noise. By adding the swooped tip the propellers are able to mitigate the vortex and create a much more efficient propeller. The result is longer flight time and lower decibel noise levels.

These are prototypes so there will be some changes before the final release. Most notably the prop adapter will likely look a bit different.  We took these for a test flight and really enjoyed their performance and response. Keep an eye out for more information about their release and available sizes.