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Custom A3 Pro Heavy Lift Cinema UAS (GD-40)

Custom A3 Pro Heavy Lift Cinema UAS (GD-40)

In cinema production pressure to perform on a tight timeline can be extremely high. Operators are often asked to fly heavy payloads, for long periods of time in less than favorable flying conditions. This 1400 SP frame with a 40 kg takeoff weight is a beast of a machine. With a 18 kg Payload capacity this aircraft can be used to fly the heaviest cinema packages required including a full size Alexa XT or XT-M as well as the JAUNT VR system.. Our customers choose this frame for is unmatched payload capacity, flight endurance and wind tolerance. 

Originally this system was built with a DJI A2 flight controller but was upgraded to and A3 Pro for its redundant IMU and GPS systems as well as an increased hover accuracy and improved flight performance. 

One of the challenges of this build was removing electrical RF noise from the FPV and OSD system. After a few days of deconstructing the entire FPV system and components we were able to solve the issue. Trouble shooting is a big part of building custom UAS systems and our customers choose to delegate that time to us so they can spend their time working on their business and flight operations.



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