Outsource your aircraft R&D

Your company just developed some amazing new software, or maybe you have a perfect payload solution that no one has thought of yet, or perhaps your company is a service provider who is looking for a competitive edge. Let us deliver your industrial grade aircraft tailored to your mission so you can focus on your end mission. We'll get you in the air and keep you there. (Photo courtesy of Vertical Images)


1200s W/ A3 Pro and LB2

26kg MTOW UAS, small footprint big punch

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Drone with Arri 416 Plus 16mm film camera

Arri 416 Plus Film Camera Platform

1200mm HV sensor lifter

Compact Size, High Voltage, Powerful Lifting Capacity

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Custom Development Platform

hardware and frame, ready for flight controller

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Heavy Lift Cinema Platform

Custom GD-40 with DJI A3 Pro with 40lb payload capacity

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Outsource your aircraft R&D to us so you can focus on running your operations.

At BFD Systems, we specialize in custom aircraft. We strongly believe that successful UAS operations rely on Crew, Work Flow, and Equipment. With a custom build, we can deliver a hand crafted unique solution that will meet your company’s unique needs and completely set you apart from your competition. Whether you need one system or an entire fleet, we've got you covered. Custom setups range from simple hardware installation, to critical infrastructure monitoring/ agricultural sprayer units, and cinematography.

  • Step 1.

    Send us an email telling us a bit about what your requirements are or what you’d like to do with your system. Starting with minimum requirements or restrictions is a good place to start. Email Info@BFDSystems.com the following information.

    Are there any restrictions such as all-up weight, frame size, or flight controller?

    How much do you need to lift?

    How long do you need to fly?

    Are there any components you need to use/integrate?

  • Step 2.

    After getting your mission requirements we match your needs to the best combination of airframe, propulsion system, flight controller, and batteries. Once we’ve designed your aircraft we can give you a spec sheet and an estimate.

  • Step 3.

    After receiving a deposit we can commence the building process. The the building process involves testing the individual components on the bench, as well as test flying, once all components are assembled. This is a truly understated task that saves the end user countless hours of R&D.

  • Step 4

    After testing is complete we deliver your aircraft and offer support to make sure you’re able to stay airborne.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are changing the world in ways we never imagined, and the industry is just getting started.

BFD Systems offers industrial grade frame construction, which means you can count on our platforms holding up in the fast pace, high-pressure environments your clients require you to perform. Our modular design allows for easy customization and limitless possibilities. Our ready to fly packages take the guesswork out of development and setup. Unlike most companies out there we come from a background of flying and operating UAS which gives us the field experience necessary to take on your next project. 


BFD Systems' aircraft are designed with electronics and wiring needs in mind. 


BFD Systems' aircraft feature a modular design that makes the airframe adaptable, portable, as well as future proof.