Outsource your aircraft R&D


What we do

  • Over the years of building custom aircraft, we have selected the traits for the most successful general-purpose platforms to develop our production models.

  • Given parameters such as price points, payload weights and other mission requirements, we can help select the best production aircraft for your needs. We can make small adjustments to the production aircraft such as payload interface or power drops for payload and or sensors.

  • We only list our most common aircraft, but if you do not see something listed that meets your requirements drop us a line for more info on the rest of the fleet.

  • If we don’t have what you’re looking for BFD Systems provides full customize designs. This is good for customers who are looking to buy in scale to meet specific needs.

    • For this process, we design around payload weight, fuel or battery source, and other specifications provided by the customer.

    • We start with a working prototype to test with.

    • We then allow the customer to evaluate and test with the platform

    • After learning from the prototype design and testing we finalize the design for production at scale.